Tsuro - The Game of the Path App Reviews

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Excellent game!

Just as good as the board game!

Very Fun!

Fun game that is both challenging and relaxing.

Super disappointed that Facebook is required for online play

Great game but disappointed by mandatory Facebook integration


When this works, its a five star game. Identical to the board game. It is balanced, beautiful, accessible, and surprisingly funny. The addition of extra game modes and trophies provide extra gameplay beyond the simple fun core game. However, twice in as many days (2 out of the 5 Ive owned it), the game freezes on the very long developer title screen. Restarting will not correct. Deleted and downloaded again -and managed to get only a handful of games in before it occurred again. It is unplayable. :(

Offsetting Creators own Review

Although very pretty and plays alright in single player, the choice to use Facebook as the multiplayer network seems to cause a bunch of issues. I have yet to be able to play multiplayer as the game just doesnt seem to work for my friends. Also, I cant believe DT1000 bothered to review his own game. For that I give 1 star until the issues are fixed.

Very nice

Nice rendition of Tsuro... The opening credits (and opening of the box) seems a bit on the long side, but the only reason its noticable is because its such a great game :-) Vould do with a top view, but peraphs theres one and I havent found it yet... Too busy playing to explore settings... :-D

attractive well made game for offline play

The first time I opened the app I played a bunch of games off the bat, experimenting with different modes and numbers / types of AIs until I had to put it down. The app is very attractive and appears to be well-made. Im happy with the price for a quality boardgame app. Why four stars instead of 5? I dont know how the AIs will hold up yet, and facebook for multiplayer (contacts only no less) is a non-starter for me. I think it deserves a good rating though and the developers have stated that they are looking at other, facebook-free options for multiplayer.

Simple, yet...

...Intricate. My kids (5 and 7) love it! So do I, of course.

Needs Facebook for multiplayer

Regret buying this because multiplayer wont work without Facebook. Not everyone has Facebook, this isnt 2007.


Really like this game, lots of fun.

Great game but ..

Could you uniformize the look of the game? The comments look terrible, compared to the general look an mood of the rest. I feel zen playing but then I see these comments in white glaring boxes, it is totally not in tune with the rest of the game! Thx!

Great game, lacks in online play

A great game and a terrific implementation of the board game. However online play is limited to Facebook friends. If you dont have any friends on Facebook that have the app, you are out of luck. It would be nice if they had a way to create online games and join online games. Otherwise the game looks great and even runs on my old IPad

Online doesnt work :(

Great game except the online I cant get to work at all. I wish you didnt have to use the online through facebook... And you could use something like Game Centre instead.

Great game

Very addictive, easy to learn, challenging and fun.

Wonderful App

At first I was sceptical. While the game of Tsuro is enjoyable, it hardly promotes excessive repetition. The app, however, has me playing as often as I can. Such simple additions, like the ability to track and compete via distance and loops, makes the game very enjoyable. The AI opponents and achievements are also very fun. The ease of gameplay is wonderful too, and very intuitive. I can hand the app to random people and they are able to play without any questions. My one problem is that, though the app is gorgeous, it is slow to move through its title screens and the multiplayer function is a bit tedious. I havent been able to find a way to reject a request for example. So if I invite 7 people to a game, we can be stuck in limbo for days only to find out that one guy isnt playing. A fantastic app, especially if you want to play with yourself or with AI. And still pretty smooth playing with others.


....Im in absolute awe at how you become so absorbed in this game!! The music, the graphics, and the strategies needed are all beautiful!! Thank you

Awesome repro of the board game

Love the way this is laid out, really easy to pickup. Great graphics - feels like playing the real thing!


Wouldnt that be great?!?!

Great for 1-8

Simple yet addictive and good for so many!

Simple, enjoyable.

Simple game. Fun to play by yourself, and super fun to play with friends(up to 8!). Spend more time playing than learning rules and tricks. Just plain simple fun.

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